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Theresa E. Liggins is a prolific author of multi-cultural contemporary fiction. Her genre includes: romance, suspense, drama, and thriller.

Ms. Liggins began writing and publishing her novels in 1999 when her passion and involvement of ballroom dancing inspired her first novel, Life is But a Dream and its sequel, Dance Me to the End of Love.

From 2003 - 2007, Liggins created the salacious Escort series/trilogy: The Escort, Et Cetera, The Escort II--Princess and the Surrogate, and The Escort III-Son of an Escort, which sets in the iconic John Hancock building in downtown Chicago. In 2019 and 2020, she revamped the entire series by giving these books new life in a dramatic way!

From there, Liggins busily wrote her next sleep-loss series, Under the Purple Moon and Under the Cover of Darkness, giving a nod to the Napa valley in Northern California, her former home and stomping grounds. These books were her first in the genre of "Thriller". 

In 2011, after extensive research, Liggins wrote, To Love and To Cheat, which provides an unconventional view of cheating from a mistress' perspective, set in Denver, Colorado.

In 2014, Liggins finally published, You Danced On My Dreams--Beyond the Ballroom, which took her 7 years to complete after nearly abandoning the whole project. This book was inspired by real-life events and was probably the most personal of all her projects. The book, also, not only concludes the ballroom drama with her "behind-the-scenes" perspective of that world, but it was written to roll up all 3 books into one pulse-pounding page-turner.

In 2017 Liggins wrote Sis'loyalty and published it in 2018; which was a spinoff novel from You Danced On My Dreams--Beyond the Ballroom. This book cleverly plucked 3 supporting characters from 3 previous and unrelated novels, and created a suspenseful family drama that tests their loyalty.

Also, in 2018, Journey Intuition, a romantic, emotional drama, emerged after an extended shelf life. The story was launched and received high praises from "Judge of the 27th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards!" This book comes through with Liggins' signature twists, turns and, of course, an unexpected ending!

You're invited to join the exclusive Club RomantiCreations where fans of Theresa Liggins' work, read and discuss her novels in a fun, festive, and friendly atmosphere, and also where you can ask your probing questions (and she will reveal all of her characters' secrets). Kindly leave your information on the Guest Book page. 

Theresa E. Liggins creates sought-after, provocative romance novels.

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