So, you thought and thought about writing a book. You have the inspiration and the creativity to get begin; you have everything, except one thing. You don't know how to actually get started. There's the title, and if it's fiction, the characters--who's your protagonist, your antagonist? How do I develop my characters, you ask yourself? How can I make my story plausible and interesting at the same time? What about the plot twists, the hook, and of course, the cliffhangers? And, have you decided in what genre or tense you'll write your book? All these questions and many more can make your head spin before you write your first word.

Don't let trepidation thwart your attempt at writing a book. Just relax, take a deep breath and let me help you get started. What do I know?

Well, I've written 13 novels and have published 9 since 2001. 

I am here to offer my services to help guide you through the process, with whatever you need help to get that story out of your head and onto the paper. But before we get started, the first step is to complete this brief questionnaire, which will give me, and yourself, an idea of what you need help with?

Remember, relax, take a deep breath, and you'll be a published author in no time!

P.S. Check out my FAQs page to see how I began my process.

Creatively yours,
Theresa Liggins

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